Chloramin B


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Application of Chloramine B

Drinking water disinfection

Swimming pool disinfection

  • In swimming pools, chloramines are formed by the reaction of free chlorine with amine groups present in organic substances, such as urinesweat and shed skin cells. Chloramines, compared to free chlorine, are both less effective as a sanitizer and, if not managed correctly, more irritating to the eyes of swimmers. Chloramines are also responsible for the distinctive "chlorine" smell of swimming pools. Some pool test kits designed for use by homeowners are not able to distinguish free chlorine and chloramines, which can be misleading and lead to non-optimal levels of chloramines in the pool water. There is also evidence that exposure to chloramine can contribute to respiratory problems, including asthma, among swimmers. Respiratory problems related to chloramine exposure are common and prevalent among competitive swimmers.