Direct Black EX 100%


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Application of Direct Black EX 100%

  • Direct Black EX 100% is black powder . Dissolve in water with a light green color, solubility of 40 g / l (85 ℃), and dissolve enough in alcohol to give light green-black light, correct amount of soluble fiber Soluble, insoluble in other organic solvents. The strong sulfuric acid is a deep reddish-blue color, diluted with a deep reddish brown to a reddish-black light. In brown (not completely) nitric acid solution. In strong hydrochloric acid for dark black solution (not light). The dye solution combines with strong hydrochloric acid for dark reddish brown. The concentrated sodium hydroxide solution produces light gray gray. The cellulose dye, the rate of dye absorption, at 80 when the greatest affinity. Can be rinsed out. Used for cotton, viscose, silk, polyamide and blended fabrics, leather, wood, bio-color and plastics, are also used as ingredients for black ink.